Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Mom

working with erin i found out that she likes to throw out a lot of yo momma's. these are all the ones i deemed worth saving. remember that almost all of these are things that i said and then erin spat back with an inserted 'your mom'

+ your mom's falujzia (fa-luge-ah)
+ your momma is separate countries
+ your mom form the democratic republic of congo
+ in your momma's face
+ your mom's hungry
+ your momma's so phony
+ your momma's been in stuff
+ you mom has hardened cartilage
+ your momma's a dickens
+ your momma's globe
+ your momma's cute erin krass
+ i love your momma's red
+ seamless like your mom
+ did you guys know your mom is a musical, in my bed
+ you mom is screwball heaven
+ i'm going to mock you momma up
+ your momma's a canoscan
+ i don't hold back on your momma cause she's a girl
+ your momma intrudes in my bed. oh really?
+ i wanna put on your mom
+ your momma's a sea slug
+ you mom could be home
+ i follow you momma up
+ your momma's all dented up
+ your momm needs to be retouched for the look book
+ i'll give your momma a one pixel feather
+ your momma's a little abstract..(pause)..and a little esoteric
+ your momma's a nice little thing (that was weak) your momma's a little weak! oh!!
+ your momma's italians
+ your momma isn't sufficient in the work environment
+ your mom by your mom. it's a catchy tune
+ your momma is so passion fruity
+ your mom's a t-bag
+ your momma shaves homoweekly
+ who do you think i am? your momma? coming up with that jibba jabba all the time!?!
+ busted like your mom
+ your momma is a goober
+ i wanted to see your mom but she was at michael house
+ your momma's already been brone
+ your momma articulates... well. (drew)did i hear a 'niner' in there?
+ your mom's a hard change... that was just unnecessary
+ no, i have too many your mom's open
+ i'm afraid of the things that come out of your mouth. like your mom
+ your momma's a cork core
+ your momma's a powder cake
+ you mom blows my mind. buzz!
+ i think your mom is beautiful... aw
+ i wish i had your momma
+ i'm trying to turn over a new leaf. i'm trying to turn over your momma
+ that's funny because i really like you mom, specifically you mom.
+ your mom's a dirty word
+ your mom's delicious sauteed in oil
+ your momma's stud master-flex! yeah yeah! woo ooo! yeah!
+ can i say just one thing? your momma's a panda powerranger
+ i'll derlict your momma
+ i have a version of this song that your mom sings to me, in bed
+ "i do your mom first, then breakfast" -drew, the dirty old man
+ your mom's a regina
+ what should i do? you mom.
+ yo momma is back to shiz time
+ your momma is second nature
+ your momma spits out a few bad ones... that what i heard (drew) she makes a good point
+ i readed your mom's tomb. btw
+ your momma's got a banner okay? to my heart
+ i denoted your mom earlier this morning
+ i'll harness your mom's inner ellen
+ i subpeona's all over your mom last night
+ i will personally kick your mom's ass. how do you feel about that?
+ you mom goes straight to my butt
+ your mom is a sleeper hit in my mouth
+ your mom is a homo-ner
+ oh what a coincidence, i've been snacking on your momma's muffin for awhile
+ i'll explode your mom's capillaries, oh wait! i already did that last night
+ mei li is your momma, ahhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
+ your momma has a large hole
+ your momma sticks to mei li
+ if i was a tard, i'd tard all over your mom
+ your momma can pull it out of my psd cause it's pretty large
+ your mom's an asshole
+ i'm going to magic wand your momma's shape
+ i'll transfer images of your momma's colon *fisting action*
+ matt's momma ended up blue and excited (drew via instant message)
+ your mom is eclipsed by boy bands
+ i'll make it easier on your momma
+ your mom's so soft for me
+ your mom will rain chocolate drops on you
+ if your mom was a font she's be arial... expanded
+ your mom is steam coming out of it... out of me
+ your momma has to stay in a two inch diameter (eric, new to the game) what did you just say?
+ your moma has to have buked thing in there
+ (in perfect unison between me and erin) your mom's stacatto
+ your momma bitmapped my tiff last night
+ your mom is a flesh colored nubb
+ (mystery person)everything in your mom's tool pallette is organized nicely (erin-)ooo! that was really good!
+ your mom's got nice tiffs
+ (me for once!)so last night, when i was gala-bagging erin's mom...
+ your mom's got a loose brick and a nice crack
+ your mom's nobulars need to wrap around my foot
+ (brad)i measured your mom's labia... (erin)twice, cut once. see you have to finish it


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